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The AZ Roundtable is the perfect way to stay current with supply chain trends and maintain SCPro certification.
Attend our roundtable events and earn continuing education credits toward certification. Learn more at SCPro™ Certification.

WP Carey School of Supply Chain Management

The W.P. Carey Department of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University provides a leading education through excellent academic instruction and research for future supply chain leaders and the Arizona CSCMP Roundtable is proud to be able to partner with the department leaders and students to offer additional practical opportunities to students through facility tours, focused educational seminars, and networking opportunities with supply chain professionals in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.


The Arizona Roundtable has participants from multiple industries that touch supply chain operations in some capacity.  Many of the organizations represented by our membership graciously allow us to post supply chain related materials.  The materials posted here are at the permission of the publishing organizations and their copyrights apply.

Past Seminar Presentations

2017 Spring Supply Chain Symposium Presentations:

2016 Supply Chain Symposium Presentations:

2015 Supply Chain Symposium Presentations:

2014 Supply Symposium Presentations:

Supply Chain Resources

Colombia’s Free Trade Regime

Growing US exports will drive Inland Ports

Industrial and supply chain perspectives on Mexico – JLL White Paper November 2012

JLL_Industrial_Dist_Facilities white paper April 2013

Warehouse Demand Study – Summer 2013



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