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The Arizona Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the local roundtable supporting education, networking and the advancement of the supply chain profession within the state of Arizona.   CSCMP, based in Lombard, IL, is currently celebrating its 54th year as the leading source for the supply chain profession.

2017-2018 Event Season AZ Roundtable Board

Name Position Company Email
Jeff McCaulou President Generix Group jmccaulou@generixgroup.com
Richard Woolery Immediate Past President Industrial Storage richard@industrialstoragemhs.com
Kari Hartman Secretary Keyser khartman@keyserco.com
Neal Dauphin Treasurer Industrial Storage nvdauphin@gmail.com
Trent Broberg Co-VP of Education Truckstop.com TrentBroberg@truckstop.com
Joe Van Orden Co-VP of Education ASU joseph.vanorden@asu.edu
Danny Cheng Co-VP of Education (SCMA) Arizona State University drcheng@asu.edu
Greg Skrovan Co-VP of Membership Intel Corp. gregory.m.skrovan@intel.com
Gary Randall Co-VP of Membership American Barcoding gary.randall@abr.com
Tony Lydon Co-VP Sponsorship JLL aj.lydon@am.jll.com
Darryn Jones Co-VP Sponsorship GPEC djones@gpec.org
Jennifer Delaporte VP of Programs Graycor Construction jennifer_delaporte@graycor.com
Karla Moran VP of Technology SRP karla.moran@srpnet.com
Chase Woolery Co-YP Chair Industrial Storage chase@ismhs.com
Amber Wesson Co-YP Chair Point B awesson@pointb.com
Tim Richards Cabinet Member States Logistics Services trichards@stateslogistics.com
Aric Bopp Cabinet Member City of Mesa Econ. Develop. aric.bopp@mesaaz.gov
Mark Motroni Cabinet Member Dircks mmotroni@dircks.com
Mike Shamrell Cabinet Member michaelshamrell@rnsmte.com